The Extension

Choosing the Right Brick for Your Extension

Milestone bricks

Brick matching options Before starting my brick extension I didn’t appreciate how many different types, sizes, colours and textures of brick there are. It’s not until you try and match the brickwork of an existing structure with a new one such as an extension you realise that there are hundreds of types of brick out there. With…

Bookcase is finished and almost sorted

New bookcase!

Rough order is, from top left, down and then across …. Boring texts and religious rubbish LPs, some guitar music and some big arty books Nature, geography and the earth … Some history, and a selection of “classics” books I bought when trying to be “more read”. Sort of DIY section, with some randoms that…

Planning & Design

Choosing The Right Home Extensions Building Company

extension ideas

The demand for extensions to existing properties in the United Kingdom has held strong in recent years, online searches, general enquiries, word of mouth recommendation and general marketing have served to enable people in Britain to find a good quality builder who will carry out their house extension to a good standard. However for people…

Rustic Renovations! Is Stone Flooring The Perfect Choice?


If you are trying to decide what type of flooring to put down in a new extension or major renovation, maybe natural stone is the answer. A good stone floor will last a lifetime, and more, and give your home a rustic look. Unlike carpets, you will never have to replace it. Natural limestone offers…

How Technology Supports The Construction Industry

Spirit level, now laser guided

From Project Management, Through Design To Integrated Modelling, Technology Underpins Every Aspect Of 21st Century Construction Technology is powering a huge range of advances in the construction industry. Without it, many of our landmark buildings would never have come into being. Having now had two extensions completed on my home, I find that I am…

Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion With Side Dormer

Loft plans with side dormer

I have decided that the best use of the loft space is to have a 5 metre side dormer, which will create the main bedroom area. The ensuite will be within the non-dormer space to the front and the other room (probably office / spare room) will be the main side area (top in the drawing),…

Materials for Flat Roof Dormers

GRP fiberglass flat roofing

I started talking about roof dormers in my previous post, how big can a roof dormer be? Some research lead me to EPDM, a type of durable rubber that is used instead of felt to give a flat roof dormer a longer life. A builder also mentioned today that fibreglass is another option, and a little research…

How Big Can a Dormer in a Loft Conversion Be?

loft idea - side and back dormer

I have been rethinking my loft conversion and may build on the other side of my roof, with one large dormer running down the side of the house. This will not look so pretty from the street, but it will be set back and hardly visible due to the closeness of the houses. My roof…

Planning Our Loft Conversion

Jons loft plans

Well, three years after we started planning our rear extension, we are now thinking about a loft conversion. The idea is simply to create a master bedroom with en suite, walk-in wardrobe and small office room in the loft space. We will make the current master bedroom smaller to accommodate the stairs and extend the…