Bungalow Extension

The Concrete Slab Was Laid – Oversite Complete – Bungalow Day 8

Concrete slab from the rear

It’s day eight, and the end of the second week – yes, it’s Friday! It was another scorcher today, with temperatures reaching 27C (yesterday was the hottest April 19th for 70 years). Today the builders laid the metal reinforcement mesh and damp proof membrane and poured the concrete. I looks great! In the previous extension…

First 2 Courses of Bricks Complete – Bungalow Day 7

view of extension plot

Today we had the first couple of courses of block work completed, and can see where the doors will be. The vents to extend the sub-floor ventilation from the existing house were installed. Lots of materials arrived today – metal grids / steel reinforcing mesh for the concrete slab, Thermalite blocks, bricks, lintels, and insulation.

Drainage and Soakaway Installed – Bungalow Day 4


Today the drains were installed. As well as installing a new drain that crosses the span of the extension to go into the existing sewer, the builders also updated the old drain from the WC that had cracked – apparently it had been leaking for years! Never smelt anything though, so I guess most of…