Bungalow Extension – Foundation Trench Filled With Concrete – Day 3

Today was concrete day! By the looks of things, little else happened. Concrete was pumped in from the road about 20m away from the trench. It is a very smooth concrete, I believe additives are added to make it runnier. It will probably take a little longer than normal to harden, but they got the job done quicker and with far less mess than my previous builders managed on a much smaller extension – they used wheel barrows, and the concrete splashed all over the place!

They part filled the section with the drainage, so they still have access to the old pipes, which will be replaced with new. Everything is covered to stop animals, children, bloggers and other random objects falling in. The ground level was also lowered a bit, so it looks like they will be ready for drainage and block work next week, and maybe the base concrete slab too.

concrete lorry pouring into the pump pumping concrete into trench foundation concrete trench

concrete poured around drainage pipes smooth concrete in foundation trench foundation trenches more soil removed for concrete slab

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