My Extension details the design and construction of 3 extensions that I have carried out since 2013: a single story rear extension on a house, a loft conversion on the same house, and a rear extension on a bungalow. Through these posts you can learn what is involved in building an extension and even learn how to do many of the tasks yourself.

For the first extension, the designs were drawn up by a local architect only after I had decided exactly what I wanted. I then employed some builders to build it. Building first started in June 2013 and finished in October. The actual new extension only took five weeks. The internal alterations took longer than expected (and cost more than expected).

At the start of the build I knew very little about building an extension and carrying out home improvements, but I decided to carefully monitor the process and to research and learn while it was being done, and during those few months I probably learned more than I had in the previous 20 years since leaving university.

From the outset I had the idea to blog it as it was done so I took photos every day. Most photos are shared on this site.

I am now making the pages more relevant to others who are looking to build an extension by adding information why and how various jobs are done, as well as sharing details of the products used. It seems that my builders were big fans of Screwfix for most of their fittings!

Details of the loft conversion and bungalow extensions can be found from the home page, or the menu above.

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask any questions on the relevant pages.

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