5 Things to Check Before Buying a Fixer-Upper

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Make Sure Your Dream Home Doesn’t Turn Into a Nightmare A new home is a huge investment, both financially and emotionally. Run through this checklist to help you choose wisely £235,000. That’s the average price of a home in the UK. It’s a massive purchase, and one that you are likely to spend decades paying…

How Built Up Is Your Local Area?

How built up is Bath and North Somerset

Britain needs more homes, but many are concerned about new developments encroaching on the countryside. Just how built up is your local area? The real facts might surprise you!

Fast and Effective Ways to Make Your Home Warmer

Kingspan insulated plasterboard

This blog is not all about extensions – I am broadening out into other areas of home improvement now! This week I have been tackling the idea of improving insulation on a budget. My brother has an old house that gets really cold in winter, and cavity wall insulation is not an option (due to…

Granite’s Long Journey from Quarry to My Ensuite!

Granite ensuite

Well, my loft conversion is almost complete – the builders have left and the bedroom and office carpets were fitted on Friday. All that is left is for me to finishing painting the stairs and get the landing and stairs carpets in. The part that I am possibly happiest with is the ensuite – I…

Choosing Bedroom Furniture For Our New Loft Room

rustic oak wardrobe

If like us you’ve just had your loft converted or extended into a brand new bedroom, then you will be starting to consider the question of furniture. From beds and wardrobes to desks and bookcases – what kinds of furniture are available for loft / attic bedrooms? I have found that there are certain factors…