Choosing Bedroom Furniture For Our New Loft Room

If like us you’ve just had your loft converted or extended into a brand new bedroom, then you will be starting to consider the question of furniture. From beds and wardrobes to desks and bookcases – what kinds of furniture are available for loft / attic bedrooms?

I have found that there are certain factors that you have to consider before buying furniture for a new loft conversion. The extra flight of stairs can be problematic for moving very large or heavy pieces of furniture. Furthermore, many attic stairs also curve around meaning that larger items of furniture can get stuck on the way to their new home!

For example, our super-king mattress from MattressMan only just got up our stairs, the two delivery men struggled and almost gave up – and some new plasterwork was broken in the process! There is no way we would get a double wardrobe into the loft, and probably not a very large chest of drawers either.

One option is flat pack furniture, or furniture that comes in separate parts. This can be easily carried to the loft and assembled. Oak is a good option for wooden furniture, as it creates a warm and cosy room instantly. For example, some of these rustic oak furniture pieces come in parts – it is actually easier to get a triple wardrobe up stairs than a double, because the triples usually come with two wardrobe sections and a separate base. Choose a designer or manufacturer that makes excellent value oak furniture that is very solid and sturdy.

Low or sloped ceilings are also another factor to consider when buying furniture for an attic room. Here, bespoke fitted furniture can help you to make the most of your space. Rather than traditional square furniture, bespoke furniture can work with the shape of your room offering optimal storage space and a stylish finish. Bookcases and wardrobes can be built into sloping walls very easily, ensuring every corner of your new room is used effectively.

When choosing a new bed, why not consider a vintage-style brass bedstead which is easy to carry upstairs and assemble? It will also look extremely stylish and on-trend. This also creates the illusion of space that a solid wooden bed cannot provide. Although, we are going with an oak / oak effect frame.

After a lot of deliberation, which included looking at Ikea, Next, Rustic Oak and B&Q, we have opted for Rauch, which is a German flat pack furniture maker that has a nice light oak option – which will more or less match the bed frame. It seems good quality and will easily get up our stairs. Also, our local furniture shop is arranging a fitter so I don’t have to carry and build it myself. I wish I could get the real thing up my stairs, but this is unfortunately not possible!



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