Bungalow Extension – Day 2

Not much to report today really. Building inspector is happy with the trenches, builders looked at the drainage and advised some of the old clay pipes are cracked, so they will replace all – there has been some leakage, but not a huge amount.

The latest trench dug shows the original foundation of the house, which is about 2 feet / 60cm deep! A long way off the 100cm minimum building control request these days. The new foundations are between about 120cm and 180cm.

Two interesting things today: First, the builders found a MacPherson & Co Ltd bottle, which dates from around 1938, I believe. Also, on the floor by one part of the trench they have written CUF. So, the big question today is, what does CUF mean in groundworks?
Muck taken away taking shape MacPherson and Co Ltd Chelmsford bottle found old clay drains old foundation can be seen rear bungalow extension 2 what is CUF building trench foundationser


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