The Concrete Slab Was Laid – Oversite Complete – Bungalow Day 8

It’s day eight, and the end of the second week – yes, it’s Friday! It was another scorcher today, with temperatures reaching 27C (yesterday was the hottest April 19th for 70 years).

Today the builders laid the metal reinforcement mesh and damp proof membrane and poured the concrete. I looks great! In the previous extension I did, we used suspended block and beam (the architect made that decision). That’s a much more expensive way to do it, and mostly not necessary. For the size of the area, a concrete slab is much more sensible. It will also mean we have a very solid floor. On top of this there will be 75mm Celutex (or similar) insulation board, and then screed to bring to level. Should be a nice cosy extension – unlike the rest of the bungalow which is a 1930s solid wall construction with no insulation in the floor or walls!

extension damp membrane and reinforcing mesh

concrete slab being poured

concrete slab being poured

concrete slab just poured 1

Concrete slab just poured 1

Concrete slab drying

Concrete slab drying

Concrete slab from the rear Concrete slab from side

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