Oversite Started and Corner Brickwork Laid – Bungalow Day 5

Today the crush was poured in and the corners of the build started. That’s it really! Lots of blocks and bricks have arrived too (from MKM, who I used for my underfloor insulation and wall insulation supplies). Digger and dumper go tomorrow, so this will free up a lot of space and allow the builders to get to work on the walls. The kitchen waste and vent pipes can be better seen in these photos.

I also took the opportunity to measure the width of the extension from the inside of the block wall across, and it comes to 6.65m, which is pretty much spot on. I calculated that the internal space would be 6.6m, so once the plasterboard is in, that would be about right.

blocks and bricks arrive oversite started old cracked drain pipe brick work started corner next to drains kitchen waste and vent pipe in position

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