Is It OK For Cavity Wall Earthwool Insulation To Get Wet?

Day 11 of the bungalow extension, but not much happened today really as we had some rain in the afternoon. Well, the inner walls were built up and Knauf Dritherm Cavity Slab (Earthwool insulation) put in the cavity. But rain made everything wet. The builders covered one side, but the storm was so sudden and unexpected, the other side looks pretty soaked. But, is this a problem?

While some builders and DIY enthusiasts would say that this is sloppy work to allow the insulation to get wet, it does no real harm. There is plenty of time for it to dry out before we come to live in the new rooms, and the mortar, concrete, and plaster all start off wet, and have to dry out. You would not want to cover it up and seal the moisture in though, so better to leave it to dry out through evaporation. When I got home I could see water vapour rising from walls, so the sun was already getting to work on them!

kitchen wall

kitchen wall with door and window

Inside of kitchen-diner

Inside of kitchen-diner

block walls have grown

wet cavity insulation

Wet cavity wall insulation

Day 11, rear of extension

Knauf Earthwool cavity insulation

Knauf Earthwool cavity insulation

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