Bookcase is finished and almost sorted

filled bookcaseRough order is, from top left, down and then across ….

  1. Boring texts and religious rubbish
  2. LPs, some guitar music and some big arty books
  3. Nature, geography and the earth …
  4. Some history, and a selection of “classics” books I bought when trying to be “more read”.
  5. Sort of DIY section, with some randoms that need sorting.
  7. Mostly science fiction, plus the complete works of Shakespeare (in such small print I never read any of it) and LOTR (but I have better books on the next shelf).
  8. Photography, James Bond and Jeeves and Wooster
  9. Terry Pratchett – a perfect fit, cannot buy any more
  10. Random stuff then “health”
  11. Poetry, languages
  12. Toys
  13. Biographies, Fantasy, other …
  14. Comedy, crime and horror (plus a random photo book)
  15. Potter and Tolkien, plus other fantasy
  16. Food and cooking
  17. Travel
  18. Toys


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