Rain Stops Play

Day 15: Total Washout, Rain Stops Play

Total washout. Builders put up a few bricks but heavy downpours were making a mess of the brickwork so they abandoned the site for the weekend.

Nothing else to report.

It is worth talking about builders and the weather here; I touched on this on day 12: Can you build in heavy rain? 

I am fortunate in that my builders  I work from home, so I can see what my builders are doing.

Now, many people get upset with their builders when an extension is being done. This is because they often do not see them (because they are at work while the building is being done) and some days it seems that nothing is done. If you come home to a messy garden and nothing has been done, you get annoyed.

But there are days when building has to stop. Today was one of those days. I saw the builders working in the light rain, and I saw them run for cover then thunder was rolling overhead. The rain was coming down so hard that it is not only very unpleasant to be in, but it causes an absolute mess. The mortar is splashed all over the place, the brickwork is covered in dirt and cement, everything becomes slippery, ladders are muddy and wet and power tools have to be covered up. In short, a safe building site quickly becomes a danger zone.

Your builders know what is best for the work and themselves. Some days they won’t work. Do not be upset. Make them a hot coffee or tea and wave them off until tomorrow.

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