Building the cavity wall and installing air bricks

Day 8: Cavity Walls Started, Air Bricks Added

We were out all day and got back to see 2 walls forming, the internal and external. These are the walls that will eventually be hidden below ground level.

It is interesting to see how they use different bricks (cheaper ones) at the bottom and nicer looking ones above. All the brickwork looks very neat, straight lines, clean mortar etc. And we measured to compare to plans and all walls the right size too. Starting to look more like a room now.2013-07-24 16.58.28 2013-07-24 16.38.21 2013-07-24 16.42.31 2013-07-24 16.42.24

A corner

A corner

2013-07-24 16.42.11 2013-07-24 16.41.59



2013-07-24 16.41.10 2013-07-24 16.41.06 2013-07-24 16.42.42

Air bricks

Air bricks

2013-07-24 16.52.29 2013-07-24 16.52.13 2013-07-24 16.43.32 2013-07-24 16.43.09


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  2 comments for “Building the cavity wall and installing air bricks

  1. TMT
    April 26, 2019 at 5:35 pm

    What is this black thing that has been used at intervals?

  2. Jon
    April 27, 2019 at 12:45 pm

    They are periscope air vents to extend the air vents from the current house, like these:

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