Problem: Pipes not properly chased into wall!

Monday Blues – 23rd September 2013

I thought that my plumbers did a good job, but the kitchen fitters said that the pipes need to be deeper.

Main issues:

  • Plumber only removed the plasterboard, did not actually chase into the blocks / bricks
  • Cannot repair the wall as the pipes / brackets sticking out in places
  • Even if shoved the pipes in, they would be in contact with the plasterboard etc. and potentially lead to damp problems if condensation builds up around the pipes.

Plumber told me on the phone that “everything was OK on Friday”, to which I had to disagree. I heard the conversation on the phone between the plumbers just now;

  • 1. Did you chase the pipes into the wall
  • 2. Yeah, I put them in as far as I could
  • 1. OK!

“As far as I could” – without actually chasing into the bricks!

The plumber has reluctantly agreed to come back at 9pm this evening to finish the work properly. They originally said they will be able to do it Wednesday or Thursday NEXT WEEK.

Another case of a trader coming recommended and then dong a poor job. And they charged £600 labour for the work too! Plus, they were going to fit the sink & dishwasher and connect the gas hob, and charge another £400 for that. Will now get the kitchen fitters to do the sink and find another gas safe person to do the hob.

The photos below just about show how close to the surface the pipes are in places.


The plumber came round at 7pm to finish the work properly. The pipes are now deeper in the wall, although does not look as far as the kitchen fitter wants. But might be OK. However ……

Just as the plumber was about to leave they noticed that the dishwasher pipe was connected to the hot pipe, not the cold.

And, they then said the kitchen fitter has put the hole in the back of the unit in the wrong place. …. the plumber was apparently planning to lower the height of the pipes, but had not told anybody. So that messes up more things ….. and they need to come back tomorrow morning at 9am to finish the work, again …. wish us luck!

2013-09-20 15.24.14 2013-09-20 15.24.19

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