Thinking about room layout

After the builders left on Day 13 I positioned bricks to mark the corners of the 2 sofas and the TV (a shovel) and TV stand / speakers (the red supports). The bricks on the door mark the actual door position (1.6m wide).

It is important to layout a room as the build commences as you might suddenly spot something important that you had not first considered. This happened later in the build when I realised that four skylights was too much and would result in a blinding light from the sun shining in my face while I tried to watch television. Another reason to be present as much as possible during the build.

View of the garden from the main sofe opposite the TV

View from above showing 2 sofas and TV / stand. The corner area is 1.5m wide, room for the boys toys.

Width of the room: 4.3m

Length of the room: 4.10m

Bricks mark the edges of the French doors. Glass side panels either side.

View of the garden from the smaller sofa

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