Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion Starts – Building The Dormer – Loft Week 1

roof dormer construction

Pretty much the first job the builders did was build the dormer, which makes up the main part of the new bedroom. it’s 5m long with 2 small obscure glazed windows on the side – the main bedroom window is to the rear. They also started installing the larger wood supports that will eventually be…

Loft Conversion With Side Dormer

Loft plans with side dormer

I have decided that the best use of the loft space is to have a 5 metre side dormer, which will create the main bedroom area. The ensuite will be within the non-dormer space to the front and the other room (probably office / spare room) will be the main side area (top in the drawing),…

How Big Can a Dormer in a Loft Conversion Be?

loft idea - side and back dormer

I have been rethinking my loft conversion and may build on the other side of my roof, with one large dormer running down the side of the house. This will not look so pretty from the street, but it will be set back and hardly visible due to the closeness of the houses. My roof…