Build a Driveway to Last a Lifetime with Granite Setts

Granite Setts – The Perfect Choice for your Driveway?

It may be time for me to update my tired, old asphalt drive with something stylish and durable. Two extensions took their toll on my drive, with multiple skips and machinery passing over it, plus some poor repair work following the installation of the new drainage channel. So, it might be time to update. I have done a little research and I am very tempted with granite setts – its a bit flashy, they’re much more stylish than block paving, but this all comes at a price! Still weighing up the costs, but here is what I have found so far.

Why Make a New Driveway?

When you are refurbishing a new house to bring more of a sense of personality to it, you may not always think to start with the driveway. However, your drive may be the most important part of your refurbishment as it has huge kerb appeal.

Your driveway is the first thing other people will see and it will also be your first view of your house every time you return home, and the last view every time you leave. Having a stunning driveway that will last for a lifetime is of the upmost importance to many and granite is the perfect material to achieve both of these aims.

Why Granite Setts?

Concrete block paving has been the go to material for driveways for a long time, but just because it is the most used way, doesn’t make it the best.

However, it is not like the popularity of granite setts is anything new either, the fact that the material is perfect for a wide range of environments has meant granite setts have had a market for hundreds of years. Before London’s streets were updated in the 1850s, most were granite setts.

This ability to match any environment, whether dealing with monsoon-like rains or drought level sunshine, makes granite setts the perfect choice for your driveway.

The Benefits of Granite Setts

When it comes to your driveway, granite setts can not only offer the long lasting quality that you desire, and have the durability to deal with traffic for a prolonged period of time so your car will not damage your driveway, they also look beautiful. Block paving is essentially laying different coloured bricks on your drive – natural stone will stand out, and last forever.

Whether you are looking for a traditional design, or something more modern and contemporary, the rugged appearance offered by granite setts is an excellent starting point to create the perfect image for your driveway.

Different textures and natural patterning means that you are guaranteed to find the right granite setts to create the perfect centrepiece for the refurbishment of the outside of your house. The uneven patterns and colouring of the material means that your driveway will be entirely unique, and you can hand-pick the best way to match the look of the material with your desired result.

Costs of Granite Setts

Cost is a big factor, but it seems that they are not too expensive. One local company offers a budget range of granite setts, with prices starting at £38 per metre, which is not too excessive, and black basalt is not much more.

It is important that your new driveway is durable to weather conditions and can be driven over on a regular basis as you leave and return to your home. From an aesthetic perspective, your drive needs to represent who you are, with a design that perfectly matches your personality and sets the tone for the style of your entire home.

A driveway may feel like an afterthought, something that everybody has to invest in at some time or another – but it does not have to be this way. By utilising granite setts, and hand-picking the perfect design, you can create more than just a driveway. You can create the perfect first impression of your home, and something that will put a smile on your face every time you return home.

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