Designing my bookcase

bookcase design

Just been Googling “the perfect bookcase”, but still not sure this is right.

My plan:

210 cm wide, 220 cm tall. From the floor;

Three 35cm shelves (toy boxes, big kids books. big grown up books (cooking and atlases etc.)).
Then two 25cm shelves for smaller books.
Then another 35cm shelf for “stuff” – ornaments, photos etc. This is more or less at head height.
Then a final 30cm shelf for …. other stuff. Maybe more books, or 15/18 rated DVDs etc.
Dividend into three 70cm sections.

I think built with 25mm MDF, so shelf heights will all actually be 2.5cm less …. so maybe I do need to review total heights of each to ensure the big book shelves can take the biggest books …… is 32.5cm enough? Maybe the bottom two should be closer to 40cm and lose 10cm on the very top one….. Hmmm.

Update: I think I need to allow at least 38cm between the larger shelves, i.e. 2.5cm wood and 35.5cm space for the books. Also, need to consider LPs too, which are 32cm high. 

Update 2: Think I need more space. 40cm shelves at bottom.

Update 3 / 4 / 5: After speaking to my carpenter, had to reduce the whole thing by 5 cm to give enough room to fix the top of the bookcase to the wall. Decided 40cm is too much, made the whole thing more uniform too.

Have created a Google spreadsheet to represent the bookcase:


Any suggestions for improvements? Obviously in an ideal world I would do some sort of audit of what I need to put there, but that ain’t going to happen before I start shoving things on the yet to be built shelves.

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