How to finish the area around a Lamona 900cm extractor hood?

OK, extractor hood / fan due to go in very soon. Cannot decide how high to tile, whether to have some areas painted etc. Confused dot com.

So decided to take a look at what other people do using a Google Image Search for “Lamona extractor hood” and found the following images, which give 2 main options; tiled to the bottom and painted above, or all painted.

We are having a splash back below though, so it is just the above bit …. I think tiles. All tiles. Cannot see examples though!

All I have discovered is that some kitchens continue the cornice at the top of the cupboards across ….. might have to think about that.

The decision: To tile to the height of the hood and paint above.

Tile underneath, painted above

Extractor hood: tiled to bottom and painted above

Extractor hood: tiled to bottom and painted above. Photo source: CorrieandCo estate agents

All painted

Extracor hood: all painted around

Extracor hood: all painted around. Image source: Rightmove

Bit of both

Tiles and paint. Source:

Different colour tiles, paint above. Source:

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