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lamps and interior lighting ideas - living room8 Top Interior Lighting Trends

From industrial lighting to statement pieces and Art Deco designs, we look at some of the best lighting ideas for your home renovation.

When it comes to renovating your home, choosing the right lighting can make or break the final result. Here are our pick of the top trends to help show your home in its best light.

Layers of Light

Effective lighting is all about layering, so for a living space that really shines, be sure to use task and accent lighting to highlight features, combined with more general ambient illumination. There are lots of different options out there so be bold and play around with different effects.

Industrial Accents

Industrial-inspired lighting continues to be big news in home decor, but this style of lighting has moved on in recent years, favouring sleeker and more varied designs than the ‘traditional’ industrial aesthetic which is more rustic in tone. Try trawling auction sites and commercial lighting supplies to source statement pieces that will give your home that unique edge.

Go Big

Make a statement with bold, large light fittings that really have the wow factor. An ornate chandelier positioned in the centre of the room creates an interesting focal point and provides softening, multi-point illumination. Equally effective are large hanging pendant lights which offer focused illumination and look great when grouped over a dining table.

Statement Staircases

Staircases often get overlooked when it comes to lighting, but with a bit of forethought and clever planning you can turn your staircase into a statement feature. Spotlights positioned above each tread can work really well, but using strip-lighting to illuminate the treads themselves can really help take your staircase design to the next level.

edison lampRetro Styles

Vintage and retro-style home décor has been popular for some time, and homeowners are now starting to incorporate this look into their lighting schemes. Mid-century modern and Art Deco designs are particularly on-trend at the moment, as are the large, vintage Edison-style light bulbs which offer a warmer, more nostalgic feel – perfect for a cosy kitchen.

LED Lighting

LED lighting continues to grow in popularity and its flexibility allows you to create many unique and eye-catching effects. For a reading light with a difference, try framing your bed with LED lighting, or, in the kitchen, use LED lights to create a stunning yet subtle backlit splashback. LED strip lights can also be an effective way to light up individual shelves in a shelving unit, helping to highlight key objects.


Minimalist lighting is a key trend for 2018, and one that fits perfectly with modern style architecture and decor. The minimalist look is all about clean lines so steer away from more ornate or complex fixtures in favour of simpler geometric designs. Recessed lighting is also a great option for a truly unobtrusive light source. Combine with dimmers and separate switches to help you easily change the look and atmosphere of the room.

skylightNatural light

When planning the lighting for your home renovation, don’t underestimate the importance of natural light. If your room doesn’t have very big windows, a skylight can make all the difference, enabling daylight to flood into the room and adding brightness to areas that light from the windows can’t reach. Even lower storey or underground rooms can benefit from natural light through the use of a sun tube. Adding mirrors will help reflect any light that does enter, creating a room that feels bright and airy.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to designing the lighting for your home renovation, but the most important thing is to choose a style that fits your overall look and that you love. That way you can be sure you will enjoy your new home for many years to come.

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