Running audio cables under the floor

I wanted to keep my surround sound audio cables out of the way. I admit, I did not do this well. This is what I did.

I used two 5.1 sound face plates, one positioned on the TV wall and one on the sofa wall. These plates are note really designed to work like this though, more on that later.

I chose to use just two plates because at the moment I only have two rear speakers, but I wanted to opportunity to add a further two surround speakers and a sub-woofer later. So I simply connected the two plates in a straight line from one wall to the other to keep costs down (speaker wire is expensive).

As this was a DIY job I just used some basic cable conduit to protect the cables. This does not provide access to change the cables in the future – they are still too stuck in.

The ideal way to do this is to use a single 5.1 wall plate and individual plates behind each speaker, with all cables chased into the walls. This means a lot of cable and a lot of extra work. Also, these plates are only good for 5.1 like this, not 7.1 sound.

They way I used them allowed me to keep the front stereo and centre speakers wired freely and the plates used for the rear sound. The speakers are either side of the sofa and run behind it, so are all out of sight.  My method was easier and cheaper.

Speaker cables and 5.1 wall plates for front and back of room.

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