Rustic Renovations! Is Stone Flooring The Perfect Choice?

If you are trying to decide what type of flooring to put down in a new extension or major renovation, maybe natural stone is the answer. A good stone floor will last a lifetime, and more, and give your home a rustic look. Unlike carpets, you will never have to replace it.

Natural limestone offers the best of both worlds. It gives your home an incredibly striking and charming appearance, whilst providing incredible durability as a paving material within your home and garden. The example shown in this House To Home article is amazing – polished limestone looks similar to marble, pure luxury – there is nothing rustic about this.

According to Mark Hayward, President of the National Association of Estate Agents, spending a few thousand pounds on a patio installation can add up to £10k to the value of your home. However, it must be done correctly, with quality materials in order to look attractive to potential buyers. Natural limestone is one of the best types of patio paving on the market.

Types Of Limestone

Limestone in its natural form comes in a variety of different colours. Black limestone, which is often charcoal in colour, gives a sleek modern look. As well as being perfect as the foundation for an outdoor space, it is also used inside the home as either kitchen or bathroom flooring or sometimes as a stunning fireplace hearth feature.

A subtle alternative to the black stones is blue limestone paving which has the appearance of faded denim with slightly grey undertones and gives a clean and light feel to an airy patio garden.

Antique shades are the busiest of the limestone paving types. This blended array of colours includes yellows, browns, reds and golds which produces a rustic and classic effect.

Durability Of Limestone

Limestone is the ideal material for your patio garden or even to install in various internal areas of your home. It requires surprisingly little maintenance to stay looking fresh and will weather extremely well over long periods of time, only looking even more natural after a while. Direct sunlight and frost won’t bother limestone paving – you can be assured that once installed, it will stay strong for years to come without worry of cracks.

Safety First

Homeowners must take care when considering the type of flooring to use in their non-carpeted areas both inside and outside the home. If you have a large amount of foot traffic walking on your patio or kitchen floor, then it is important to provide a safe ground which won’t be hazardous if drinks or other liquids are spilled. Particularly in an area where there are dangers such as a lit BBQ or pans on a hob, it is vital that you protect yourself and your family and friends from an accident. As limestone is slightly riven, it provides a non-slip finish and is therefore the perfect material for your flooring needs.

Ease Of Use

Although limestone typically comes in packs, there will usually be a point during the installation when you will need to cut the stone for a smooth fit. Limestone is an extremely easy stone to cut (with the right tools!) and has been used in the past for a vast range of architectural designs including cathedral decoration to bridge-laying. As limestone does not possess any preferential direction of splitting, it will cut neatly and can be tailored to suit a project of any shape or size.

If you’re planning to brighten up your living space whilst adding value to your property this year, then consider the installation of limestone paving in your next home improvement project.

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